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The use and classification of the LED fog lights

LED fog lights emit a wide and sharp beam of light,there’s no doubt that LED fog lights can be very useful on a car. 

The LED fog lights are often installed in the low place on the car.Recently they are mainly used as car front fog light and rear fog light.The use of installing the fog lights is to reduce the glare, back from falling snow or fog,When switched on they can cut through the mist very effectively.So it will be the best choice when the visibility is low,but we should remember that we have better not use them when the visibility is fine. In fine weather conditions the LED fog lights can bar the drive vision owing to the excessive foreground illumination as well as cause increase glare to the other drivers.

With the popularity of the led products,the led fog lights are also made up of led,in addition,they can help the car owners driving well.LED fog lights generate low heat, use low power and are very bright light.

The led fog lights can used in some places,besides used for the cars and trucks, LED fog lights are also suitable for motorcycles. They can be designed in many different colors,but the yellow light is more common.They can also be easily installed and it is rather convenient for the customers to make choice.

Dingju Electronic Co.,Ltd,led fog light supplier,According to the customer demand,we produce many types of fog lights:H1、H3、H4、H7、H8、H11、9005、9006(classified according to the base of the fog light bulbs).Now let's share two fog lights as flows:H7 fog light H11 fog light


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