H3 HOD light
H3 HOD light Advantages:
1. High brightness HOD bulb
2. Clear light and easy to install
3. Long lifespan
4. No error happens when replacing the original halogen bulbs
Model Number: HL-H3 HOD
Power: 55W
Voltage: 12v
Color: White
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Voltage: 12v Power: 55w Color Available: White, gold
Number: HL-H3 HOD

H3 HOD light

H3 HOD light

H3 HOD light

H3 HOD light

What is HOD?
HOD is a new style of bulb for car lighting. It is a bulb filled with xenon gas to replace ordinary halogen bulb. Xenon gas makes bulb longer lifetime and more brighter.

1. 100% fit original car. (HID will have can bus problem)
2. New technology makes bulb 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs.
3. No need to work with ballast, just plug and play, no need to cut wires.
4. Instead of HID (Countries which HID was not allowed to install)

Here is a contrast between general halogen & HOD:

Parameters General HOD
Lumens 1800 2300
Color temperature 3100 3350
Lifespan 250hrs 360hrs

HID, and HOD are alternatives to conventional halogen upgrade products in automotive headlamps lighting, each has its own characteristics, customers can according to their own needs, choose a suitable halogen alternatives.

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